Man holding a Heartbeam device to his chest
Always with the patient

The Power of a 12-lead ECG

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Man holding a Heartbeam device to his chest

HeartBeam is developing a personal, portable, and easy-to-use system for cardiac monitoring.

The HeartBeam AIMIGo™ is a credit card-sized device that synthesizes a 12-lead ECG.*


Captures and converts the entirety of the heart's electrical signals into an easy-to-read 12-lead ECG

Informed Diagnosis & Care

Allows physicians to detect arrhythmias and additional heart conditions that other at-home monitors cannot

Intuitive and Convenient

Credit card-sized device is easy-to-use and can be with the patient at time of event.


Enables physicians to direct patients to timely, appropriate care
*Product not cleared by the FDA. Not available for sale in the United States.
HeartBeam’s core vectorelectrocardiography (VECG) technology provides personalized diagnostic and prognostic insights about cardiac health -- beyond the information provided by a standard 12-lead ECG.

Patient-Friendly, Medical Quality ECG System

man on a bed with 12 Lead ECG connected to him

The Challenge

Standard 12-lead ECGs require a health care professional and are not practical for at-home use
Heartbeam device

The Solution

HeartBeam is a credit card-sized device that can be used by the patient anytime, anywhere

How it works

Smartphone app guides patient

Man holding a Heartbeam device to his chest

Patient captures recording

A data server room

Recording sent to HeartBeam cloud

Physician Looking at computer screen waiting on call

On-call physician reviews ECG and follows up with patient

World-class team leading HeartBeam with a powerful mix of expertise and experience

Team sitting around desk getting work done


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