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Our Mission Statement - to give everyone access to heart diagnostics, anywhere, anytime


HeartBeam - your iCardiologistABOUT US

Heart disease is  the #1 cause of death worldwide.  Reaction time to symptoms of heart disease can make a huge difference in the medical outcome - your survival rate.  Our motivation was to develop a technology that will advise a patient who is experiencing cardiovascular disease symptoms how to proceed/react.  Over 80 million people in the US suffer from some sort of heart disease.   About 8 million people have survived a heart attack.  Our initial product focuses on that most difficult situation: the heart attack.

HeartBeam has developed a mHealth technology that is diagnostically equivalent to a cardiologist reading a patient’s 12 Lead ECG and examining the patient.  It comprises a credit card size, 12 Lead equivalent ECG device and a cloud-based diagnostic expert system.  Studies designed by Harvard Medical School faculty have shown HeartBeam performance to be equal to or better than world-class cardiologists in diagnosing a heart attack. Our technology features personalized diagnostic thresholds and novel heart attack ECG markers.  In addition, our application can also help cardiologists visually locate a heart attack on a 3D model of the heart.  HeartBeam's iCardiologist application will utilize Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to drive continuous improvements of the system's ability to provide patient analysis and improve the solution's predictive/preventive properties.

Our technology represents a real breakthrough as it puts in your pocket the power of a cardiologist reading a medical grade 12 Lead ECG.  No other single lead ECG product that is in the market comes close to HeartBeam in terms of medical value.  It's the equivalent diagnostic value of a cardiologist and a 12 Lead medical grade ECG machine with you anywhere, anytime.

HeartBeam - your iCardiologistOUR TEAM
Branislav Vajdic

Branislav Vajdić, PhD
CEO & Founder
Dr. Vajdic has 22 years with Intel’s Technology Development.  He is the co-inventor of Flash memory.  Dr. Vajdic was  also CEO of a public medical device company.

Dorin Panescu

Dorin Panescu, PhD
CTO/Vice President, R&D
Formerly with Boston Scientific & St. Jude Medical, Dr. Panescu was previously a VP at four medical-device companies and is one of world’s most prolific medical device inventors with 200+ patents.

Alexei Shvilkin

Alexei Shvilkin, MD
Medical Team Lead
Faculty member at Harvard Medical School.  Practicing cardiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Jim O'Rourke

James O’Rourke
A Silicon Valley veteran with sixteen years at Fujitsu, six years at Intel,
and twelve years at McAfee as VP running their Operations, Supply Chain & Enterprise Security Server Support Services business.

Rick Brounstein

Rick Brounstein
With 25 years of CFO-level experience including Big Four CPA experience (Arthur Andersen & Co.), Mr. Brounstein also has IPO experience and as a sitting CFO within the technology and life science markets.

Wim Elfrink

Wim Elfrink
Mr. Elfrink is the lead seed investor.  He was the former EVP of Industry Solutions and Chief Globalization Officer at Cisco.  He is also President and Founder of WPE Ventures Digitized Solutions.


Our team is world class. Our medical team has been led by a professor of cardiology from Harvard Medical School. Our Chief Technical Officer is one of the world leaders in cardiovascular devices with about 200 patents in the field.  Our technical team consists of 8 PhDs  and our CEO has a wealth of experience in technology development as the co-inventor of Flash memory at Intel and most recently as the CEO of a public medical device company. Perhaps the most important thing about our team is that we are so excited, passionate about the positive impact this technology will have.  Our CEO, Branislav Vajdic, says, “I have worked in many teams that have made world class products, but I have never been part of a team that was driven as much by the enthusiasm as our HeartBeam team is.”

HeartBeam - your iCardiologistWHAT MAKES HEARTBEAM UNIQUE


That is our iCardiologist technology.  We have developed a mHealth technology addressing the #1 cause of death worldwide, heart disease.  Reaction time to symptoms of a heart attack makes a huge difference in the survival rate of chest pain patients.  Unlike the Apple watch and other single lead ECG technologies that tackle a single type of arrhythmia, our solution fits in a wallet and provides advice in the most difficult heart health situation: the heart attack.  Our first product  launch will be an easy to use, over-the-counter version for high risk patients, and consumers in general - to manage their heart health  and focus on the most difficult situation: the heart attack.  The user just needs to press our credit card-sized device against their chest for about 30 seconds.   Our cloud-based diagnostic expert system works in a 3D cardiac signal space.  Our software generates advice for the patient that is as good as that of a cardiologist.  We have shown this in our studies - studies that were designed by a leading cardiac expert from Harvard Medical School.  You download our app; carry our credit card-sized device and you always have the benefits of a cardiologist and a 12 Lead ECG machine with you!  This is hugely important for well over 10 million high risk patients in the US alone.

iCardiologist will ensure that patients will get to the hospital in time for an effective medical intervention and reduce their daily fear and anxiety about a heart attack.  This is a consumer technology, a simple downloadable app, with huge medical value.  It will be marketed as a "monitored heart alarm" on a subscription basis.  This is our breakthrough.

HeartBeam - your iCardiologistOUR PASSION


We are passionate about coming up with a solution for heart disease which affects 80 million people in the US. And our initial focus is the biggest issue:  the heart attack.  There are about 8 million people in the US alone who have survived a heart attack.

This doesn’t just affect individuals; it has a huge impact on the country’s healthcare system:  the cost of treating a heart attack diagnosed late, and also the approximately $16 billion in annual costs of unnecessary visits to emergency rooms for symptoms that appear to be heart-related.  We want HeartBeam to be a leader of this revolution that saves lives and saves healthcare dollars.

HeartBeam - your iCardiologistVALIDATION

We have received very encouraging feedback from the medical community from family practitioners to leading cardiovascular centers such as Harvard, Cleveland Clinic and Stanford.   It is also interesting that many of our existing seed round investors have a personal story that resonates with our technology: past heart attacks, family history of heart disease or just desire to be able to track their heart’s health.


Our technology does not compete with cardiologists.  It provides diagnostic value in the form of advice to the patient that as good as a cardiologist but in a situation when no cardiologist is available.  Our technology and medical study results have been received with great enthusiasm from leading cardiologists at some of the world's best cardiovascular institutions such as Harvard, Cleveland Clinic and Stanford to name a few.

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